What is Martial WOD?

Martial WOD is a daily workout based on martial arts – strength, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning and skill development.

We believe that all martial art peak performance work over prolonged periods of time should be developed using fitness specifically rooted in martial arts itself, supplemented by the demands on an individuals strength, gymnastic, metabolic condition and skill to move using proper mechanics.

Martial WOD is an excellent assistance program to building and maintaining healthy, powerful martial artists of any level or discipline.  We believe that the skill transfer to any martial art discipline is the key to develop an all rounded martial artist successfully, and Martial WOD is here to help you train, learn and apply this knowledge.


Why should I use Martial WOD in my training?

Martial artists are known to have the self-discipline, self-belief and self-confidence to push themselves to get the most of their bodies and life.  If you are serious about your martial arts peak performance, you should strive to incorporate proper martial arts fitness development into your programming.  Martial WOD is here to help you understand what martial arts is, how it can be applied progressively to your own program, and focus on the skill transfer to your own discipline and other sports.

We are confident that you will excel as a martial artist by incorporating Martial WOD into your daily program, having a great attitude and always chasing excellence in a like-minded community.


How do I start using Martial WOD?

It’s simple… take a look at the WOD (Work Out of the Day) that is posted daily, and go DO IT!  If you are not familiar with the terminology or rep scheme, then visit the Terminology and Rep Scheme page, and if you’d like more information on the movements, then visit the Movement library complete with progressions videos.


What does WOD mean?

WOD = Work Out of the Day


Can I record my WOD scores and results?

Absolutely!  At Martial WOD, we don’t just dish out workouts, we want you to monitor and track your progress over time so you can see your improvements as well as compete against like-minded people in the Martial WOD community.  Keeping a record of your results also allows us to see if the WODs are beneficial to you, to help us refine and tweak our programming.

To records your results, simply go to the WOD, and at the bottom of the WOD page enter your scores and results in the ‘Record Your Results’ section.

In addition to logging your results, you can also view top results by you and other members for this WOD.  Our goal is to help you track your progress while also showing how you compare with the rest of the community.

How much do I have to pay to use this site?

To access all the WODs, it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

To access detailed coaching videos with in-depth teaching points that are key to helping you develop sound martial mechanics, then visit the Membership page to join.

We believe your health & fitness should not cost an arm and a leg, so we made the memberships cheap and chirpy to help us continue to do what we love, and love what we do… to provide you with valuable martial fitness development content to help develop excellent martial artists.

Please feel free to enjoy and contribute to the community, and help us make it even better by providing any feedback that you have.  Thanks!

Checkout the Terms of Use and Disclaimer if you want to use any content from this site.


How can I become a member?

Visit the Membership page and join now


I am having trouble viewing your site?

Martial WOD was designed to be viewed on most modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari.  Mobile browsers on iOS and Android should also work fine.

If you are experiencing problems, then please kindly let us know by leaving a short description of the issue in the Contact form and we’ll get right back to you!


Can I borrow, use, or repost content from this site?

Yes and no!

We believe in knowledge sharing of free information in a like-minded community.

So we are happy for you to share the FREE Martial WOD (non-member) content for non-commercial purposes only, so long as you credit Martial WOD and/or Coach Lak Loi.

However, you must keep all the PAID MEMBERSHIP content PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL at all times, else this will result in severe legal action.

If you would like to use Martial WOD content for commercial purposes, then please contact us with your proposal for written permission or business opportunities with Martial WOD and Lak Loi by contacting us through the Contact form.