26 Count – Four Corner Drill

In pairs, as smooth and fluid as possible in 45 mins:

Partner feeds straight punches to high-line or mid-line as indicated, and you respond with appropriate four corner defence:

  1. HIGH LINE – from your lead: Rolling tan sao
  2. Parry: yielding
  3. Parry: cross-hand (opposite hand)
  4. Parry: windscreen wiper
  5. Parry: cupping and redirect to opposite side
  6. Parry: circle to outside
  7. Pak sao: slap down at end
  8. Waong pak sao
  9. Boang sao
  10. JKD tan sao
  11. HIGH LINE – from your rear: JKD tan sao
  12. Boang sao
  13. Waong pak sao
  14. Pak sao: slap down at end
  15. Parry: circle to outside
  16. Parry: cupping and redirect to opposite side
  17. Parry: windscreen wiper
  18. Parry: cross-hand (opposite hand)
  19. Parry: yielding
  20. Rolling tan sao
  21. MID LINE – from your lead: Goang sao
  22. Ouy ha pak sao
  23. Parry circle to outside
  24. MID LINE – from your rear: Goang sao
  25. Loy ha pak sao
  26. Parry circle to outside

Controlled sparring 5 x 3 mins:

  1. As above, but random strikes (50% speed and power, light-continuous)

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